Sunday, April 27, 2014

10km Club Walk - Kalinga Park

Its a 5am start for me.  Meeting everyone at Movie World to car pool into Brisbane for our first Club Walk.  Its the start of our road walk session plus its also sign on day.

My body wasnt feeling to bad today.  I must admit to feeling a bit off but thats just from the food I am eating.  I am really not enjoying being able to eat normally again..... but I have to so that when they do the scopes and biopsy it will show up the reaction to gluten etc.  So I will probably be a little crabby and off for the next couple of weeks.

I had hoped to get a 60mins today.  Jim and I talked about aiming for 6min kms for Canberra, as its a hilly course it will mean trying to pick up the pace on the flat so that each km avgs out to 6min.  I started this race conservatively ... I didnt want to go all out and blow up too soon.  I tried hard to stick to a set pace and keep to 5:45 kms but that only lasted for the first two km.  I was having trouble keeping the power on.  While nothing was hurting, I wasnt feeling fast either.  I had Dave Smith on the sidelines helping to keep me focused and telling me to use my arms more......(great tip - forget you have a forearm and hand.... use your upper arm to drive up and back - it works)  This would help me to drop my shoulders and drive through more plus give me a better twist through my hips....but I tired very quickly and so would do this in bursts.

By about 6km (my slowest km at 6:00min) I could feel I was getting tired and losing concentration so I started watching the clock and I quickly worked out that if I can stay on pace or pick it up ... that I had a high 58min time...........that was all I needed and I really drove the last 3 km home.

I finished the 10km in 58:31  -  I was rapt .... totally rapt!!!!

10 data

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