Wednesday, April 09, 2014

5km on treadmill - Injection tomorrow...

I have had some pain in the centre base of my foot and after being screened at a chiropractor service he pointed out that I had an aggravated planter fistiator...I cant spell it but I do know that its something I VERY much want to avoid.  So I have taken the tape out of my shoes that was put in a week ago and tonight I needed to walk.

I got home and it was dark already so I went down and used the treadmill.  It was just so nice to tick along happily on that tonight.  I was a bit tight and achy in the SI joint area....I am now learning that it may not actually be SI joint problems but the muscles around it.   I go into tomorrow for a Cortisone Injection into my hip.  My Dr is very sure that once I get this...the SI pain will go away as he feels the tendinitis in the bursa is pulling and causing all the back pain.   I have my fingers crossed for this as I very much need to be pain free.

I am doing well with the Gluten free diet.  Going Fructose Free is slightly more daunting and one I have not yet stepped up to.  I know that once I get my appointment for all the scopes that I need to go back to my old I think I will wait till the scopes are done and see what the results are from that.

I will let you all know how I go tomorrow after this injection.   I am so very hopeful it will help.

5km treadmill

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