Sunday, April 13, 2014

14km Hedges Ave - Testing the body

I am nervous.  To me this seemed like such a long walk to start out with and I would have felt happier with an 8m but my coach has given me 13km and said to see how you go.

I had my cortisone injection on Thursday and the Dr did say it can take up to a week to feel any effect from it.  It has taken until this morning to finally stop aching in the glute but the side of my thigh/hip is still sore.  This is the area where I have little bony spurs on the surface of my hip and its something I have to be mindful of.

I got up and decided to just get out there and do it before I change my mind.  It was much cooler today at 24 degs and overcast.  At first I felt GREAT.  Most noticeably was the no pain my glute at all but by 6km I was getting a burning sensation in my hip - nothing bad but noticeable.

By 8km I was getting achy in the hip and lower back - more so in the back and so I adjusted how I was walking to try and alleviate it.  Which it did for a short while and it was something I had to work hard on constantly.

I had decided to walk out and up hedges ave for 5km...turn back to the walkway and then turn again at the top of the walk way to complete the last bit.  I hate odd numbers and so doing 13km was going to be a pain so I had already decided that if I felt ok that when I turned back on the walkway as its 2km long..... that I would end up doing the down and back for 4km.

I was starting to slow a little.  I was getting tired and lots of little niggles were bugging me.  I am so paranoid that i will end up really hurt that I over feel niggles...but I also not want to ignore them either.

total time for the walk today was 1.27.24 for an avg of 6.14 per km - now to see how I recover as I have a 5km fartlek up on Tuesday.

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