Wednesday, April 02, 2014

6km treadmill

Today I had to have time off work to go to a specialist appointment at the Hospital.  So it meant working late to make up the time so I knew I was never going to make it to the track.  I also spent all day moving boxes and lifting big cabinets around in our office while we tried to totally rearrange the by the end of the day my back was really sore and so was my hip.

Best I could do was zip downstairs and jump on the treadmill.  Once I got going my SI joint freed up and I could walk.  I kept a close eye on my form and made sure I was landing to the outer of my feet and bringing my knee through straight.  By 4km my hip was hurting again.  Right on the very out side of the hip - Bursa area.  Hmmmm

By 5km my ankles were hurting along with my arches in my feet.  Jim had warned me that this would happen but it still doesnt feel any better when it happens.  I have put tape along the bottom of my right insert as Jim wants to lift my right foot a little to try and align my foot to my lower leg better.   I still was able to slowly increase the speed of the treadmill so I felt like I got a good walk out.

6km in 37.03

6km data

NOTE:  for those that have followed my journey and know of my stomach history - you will know that I have gone gluten free and have been so now for 4 weeks.  I am thrilled to say that I have been 95% pain free with just the odd moment here and there.  I had my appointment back with the specialist today and showed him my diary and he was very excited to see I had gone gluten free and that my results were so good.  With this finding he is 90% sure that I have Celiac Disease and NOT IBS.  So he has rung through to add biopsy's to my next lot of tests.  He has now given me the FODMAP to follow and has asked that I also try Fructose Free as well......................This one is a little harder to is alot more limiting than just being gluten free - but I will try and see how I go.  

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