Saturday, April 19, 2014

10km Kickdown attempt

Today I brought some new shoes (actually two pair of the same - one for training and one for racing), new inserts, some new nike shorts and a crop top.

I was not sure how far I would walk today as in new shoes you can never be sure how far you will get.  I went out with 8km in mind.  I know Jim wanted me to do a kick down today...its been along time since I have done one and so straight away my pace was too quick.  I had just started out at a nice easy pace but it was still a touch to quick for a kick down start.  But I figured I can keep building on it and just try to pick up the pace as I go.

First up - Just a wee shout out to all the IGNORANT people that were walking along the walkway today.  Whats up with people crossing the walkpath and NOT looking up or left or right....just wandering straight off from the beach and directly in front of you.  I physically had to jump over an empty pushchair today and dodge children on bikes and parents texting.  GRRRRR

Back on track - I was feeling pretty good.  My shoes were feeling GREAT.  The heel is alot softer and slightly spungy but it meant no impact pain anywhere so I am happy with that.  Toes feel good, no rubbing! another plus.

About 7km I was getting some of that odd burning pain in the side of my hip/thigh.  I think its where the ITB joins with the Glute Med etc.  I am going to go back to the dr and run over a few things with him.  I may need another cort injection in a different area.  But will see what a CT scan shows of my back etc.

I decided to try to make the last two km faster so that it did end as a kick down and I did succeed in that.

new shoes - Adidas lite arrow 
new Nike Shorts

Total time for 10 km was 1:01:03 avg heart rate 150 (my last two kms were both under 6min km pace)  yaya

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