Sunday, May 25, 2014

an ugly easy 12 km


Yeah that describes this walk well.

I woke up today and hurt, just hurt all over.  My abs, my hips, my glutes, my back and my hammy's just ached.  Not really sure why,  as I only did a very easy 8km on Thursday.  I did do some exercises on Saturday but nothing that I thought was too strenuous.

So I am very glad I had made the decision to not race today.

I started out and took my first km easy to warm up and get things loosened and moving.  I was having doubts I would even make 12 km but I was prepared to give it a shot as I have 16 km to do in a couple of weeks.  Each km ticked over and while the pain and aches didnt go away they didnt get worse.  I was able to tick along at a comfortable pace around 6:20ish.  By 8km I was starting to get tired and very sore.  I just feel weak in my right hip - as if it will just give out.

I got back onto the walkway at 10km (1:03) and I figured what the hell......this will be the worst pace I can do in the 16km race and if thats what it takes for me to just get round then so be it.

I did make it to 12km in a slow time of 1:16:16 ...... and yes ... I HURT!.  

12 km data

This will also be my last week with my Coach.  I have decided to take a break from coaching and just coach myself for a while.  It will take the pressure off me and I can walk as I feel I can and to what pace I feel I can.  I feel I will heal doing this.

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