Sunday, May 11, 2014

8km Mothers Day Classic

Sorry its been a bit quite on here.   I have had a head cold for the last week and so no training for me.  Just lots of nose blowing and coughing.  I am 80% better now but I have kindly shared my bugs with my hubby and he ended up pretty sick.

We had both planned to enter this but he was way to sick to attempt it.  So he dropped me down and I met up with Paul, Deb, Kay, Bob and their family.

We all hung out and then wandered over to the start line.  Before we knew it we were off.  I broke away pretty quick and tried to get some clear area.  I had swapped out of the walk section and into the run section so I had a lot of people around me.  About one km into the race Pauls daughter Emily caught up to me, she had a good pace on and so I pushed a little harder to keep up with her.  I was so pleased she stayed near me for pretty much all of the race.  She would make a fantastic training partner for me :)

About 4km and my hip was burning and sore but a change in technique and I managed to alleviate that.  At 6km I told Emily to make a break for it and so she picked up her pace and slowly pulled away from me.  I had hoped to hold on to her but I was tired and the effects of being sick for a week.

my time was 46:06 and I am very happy with that.  My watch has it measuring it prob was a little short.

8km data

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