Thursday, January 05, 2012

15km (2 x 8min burst)

Day 1 / 3 - Migraine

Temp 23 degs, no cloud and slight breeze.

I felt that familiar aura starting at lunch time. So I hit it with Maxalt and codeine as I knew I had to do 15km today. I had to fit in two 8min bursts of race pace which even though I felt so slow and foggy headed my data shows that I didnt do to badly. My bursts for 8mins last approx 1.5km........1st burst is at 4 and 5 km and again at 7 and 8km

AS I was out walking I got to 3km mark and saw two young girls stuck in their car on the motor way. Their car had run out of gas and they didnt know what to do. So I stopped and went over to help push the car off the road but the traffic was so thick we couldn't get the car across the 2nd lane. But a wonderful guy pulled up beside us in a ute and said he would pull in front and tow them to a we hooked them up to his ute and off he went with them.

I continued on and was managing ok, but once I was through my second burst of race pace I suddenly felt really odd. My ears were ringing and my vision went all spotty and I started to wobble at the knees, so I saw I was at the 7.5km mark where I normally I continued on for another 100m and stopped under a huge tree and lay down in the cool grass for a moment. I waited for a couple of minutes and then headed back for home. I took it nice and easy home but was still surprised to see that my pace was still pretty strong and fast. It was a fairly hot day and I was very dry! the codeine drys out my mouth so I did feel rather dehydrated by the time I got home.

I am really pleased now that I look at my data. Due to my going a little futher at the half way mark it put my km markers off on the way home so instead of the Beatson hill being part of just one was broken into 2.

Total time 1:31:14 avg pace 6:05 avg heart rate 145

15km (2 x 8min burst)

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