Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 km on tread mill

I have not written much this week. I have not been able to train due to a hip strain. We did work out that I seem to be in a constant state of dehydration and when I mentioned to Bex just how much weight I had dropped after the 24km she suggested I tell my coach as it would appear that my being so dehyrated pretty much is causing me to get injuries.

So with some great deep tissue massage and awesome pink strapping, I am starting to come right. Plus lots and lots of water = lots and lots of trips to the loo..sighs...

Today I was to test my hip out and we all decided it was best to do so on the I could control my speed and if I hurt at all I could stop and stretch etc.

I started out easy on 9km/hr and then went up to 9.5km/hr and did my first km in 6:24 and noticed just as the km was about to click over that I had not started my watch... DOH!!! So just as the km was about to click over I lifted the speed to 10km/hr and hit start as the km clicked over (hence my data showing only 7 km walked)

First thing I noticed was how weak I felt in the right hip but the good news was nothing was hurting. I carried on at a steady pace and felt good. No shin pain or back pain...GREAT!!!

At about 6km I felt an ache develop deep in the hip. So I made sure I was using good style and technique......the ache stayed but didnt get worse so I carried on and was gone by 7km. I was kinda naughty and thought I would pick the pace up for the last km......know that I could slow down instantly or stop if the ache came back or worse hurt. I took the pace up to 11km/hr and it felt good, the last 200 metres I took it up to 11.5km/hr and I am pleased to say no ache and no pains. Still did feel weak???? but I didnt hurt anywhere.

I will stretch and put my heat pad back on later tonight.

Total walk is 48:13 for 8.021 km (as read off the treadmill display)

8 km on tread mill

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