Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 x 1km - road way at monaco

First and foremost.....remember that I am BLONDE!!! I had 5 x 1km and each with a 2min rest between them.

There is a reason why I do measured things on the track. I went to the track today but the Collgate games had already started. So I decided that Monaco had the flattest 1km length of foot path. I headed out and figured I would just go by the GPS function................(in hindsite...this is where I went wrong) As I drove past the route I was going to do, I flicked my trip metre in the car to get a rough idea of where the km would be. I parked my car and it read 950m so I guessed that if I started up the road alittle (I had 200m spare behind me) that I would be all good.

I started out and was feeling little stiff and sore but quickly was breathing hard and just focusing on the corner and to where I had worked out I would stop. To my surprise my GPS didnt go off until a good 100m past where I had started my trip metre. Hmmmm well ok, I hit lap and waited for it to count out 2mins. In this time I had not moved (well my watch says I did) so when I hit lap again to head back for my 2nd km....logic tells me I would finish up where I started. I didnt!!! I was about 100mt short again. Dang it!!! So for the 3rd km I walked back up the road and started again only this time when my watch chirped for 1 km my time was under 5mins!! and I knew this was seriously wrong, so I started it up again and walked a further 100m up the road. It was here that I spotted a km marker on the side of the foot path. (left over from the South Island Games 10km road walk it had 4km/6km on it ... so I knew that the 5km marker had to be further back from where I had been starting) oh well too late now. So I headed back around for my 4th km and again my watch went off way too soon....grrrrrr

It was about now that the little light bulb went off in my head and a DOH!! moment was had. Of course it was not going to read 1km cause I was pressing lap and then moving up or down the road ..hence registering as distance traveled!!! DOH ....but I did find a cool feature that I didnt know the watch had and that was found on my last km. I decided I would go 500m out and turn so that I would finish up by my car again. I hit lap and set off only this time I was not going to stop when my watch auto chirped for a km..... I pretty much know my 1km time and I know the 500m. I turned and headed back, sure enough my watch let out a chirp about 200m short this time but just as I passed over were I started it beeped to say it had done a lap. My watch knew that it was to do a km from the lap press......I didnt know my watch would do that. So my last 1km was right and possibly my first.

So I walked further up the road and sure enough there it was ..written in dazzle red - 5km turn!!! so for next time I will forget the gps in my watch and just hit manual lap from that marker to the 4/6km mark.

so I cant really tell you what my 1km splits were. I can tell you that they range between 5:22 and 5:30 and that I am realising that I am not built for speed!!! I just dont have a fast twitch in me.

5 x 1km - road way at monaco

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