Monday, January 02, 2012

12km kickdown

This was tough today. 12km kickdown and so I opted to head out to Atawhai as that is basically flat and the slips have been cleared away - some clay and icky laying around but nothing that slowed me down too much.

I was so tired, it was hard to get any rhythm going or any speed. I was not even sure what pace I should have been doing. I knew I had 4 kicks to do and I just tried hard to at least show I had increased speed each 3km. It was not great drops but it did drop......6:00/km, 5:55/km, 5:50 per/km & 5:40/km
1st 17:57
2nd 17:49
3rd 17:37
4th 17:04

I was hoping for better. I had a good brisk sea breeze going out for the first 6km but the breeze calmed down on my return so I didnt really get any benefit from a tail wind. The last 3km I did try and find some energy and pushed harder but it was an effort to maintain it.

total time was 1:10:31

Again - No pain in hamstring or back! yay.......thats 2 walks in a row.

12km kickdown

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