Saturday, December 31, 2011

24km out an back monaco

I felt very tired before heading out - due to the new puppy keeping me up most of the night. Shane made me a double shot sweet coffee and that helped.

The rain had stopped and the water resided. There was a new big slip up on the walkway but other than that it was all clear. Once I started I actually felt ok and struck out at a pace I felt ok at. I was going to take a gel at 8km and 16km but when I got to 8km I thought I could see my mate up ahead and so I pushed on a little quicker for a km or two to try and catch her.....but it turned out it wasnt her and so I stopped at 12km and had my first gel and a stretch.

It was still over cast and there were the odd few drops of rain...but nothing to major. I pushed for home and was still feeling quite strong and ok. I am pleased to say that I had NO pains anywhere!!! I stopped again at 19km and took a second gel and some water. Then it was just 5km to home. I headed back up Beatsons Road and down the track to home. Hit stop and checked my watch. Wow.....I didnt intend to be quick today and it didnt feel like I had been.

total time 2:26:38 avg pace 6:07 avg heart rate 141

24km out an back monaco

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Tammy said...

very nice walk! Fabulous! Bet Jim is happy :)