Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nelson Sportsperson of the Year Awards

I had been nominated by Athletics Nelson for the Masters Section of the Nelson Sportsperson of the Year Awards.

I was excited to have been nominated and even more so to come back from my holiday in Cairns to find that I was a Finalist.  Wow, I get to dress up in some FORMAL clothes for a change.  First panic for me was when I reached into the wardrobe to try on my beautiful long silk dress that had been made for me in Phuket to find it fitted where it touched................hmmmm ... gosh I had lost over a stone since this was made and it just hung on me. So it was a hasty whipping out of the sewing machine and a test to my seamstress skills to see if I could take it in and make it wearable.  Glad to say that after much swearing and stabbing self with pins...I pulled it off.

Me, just as we left home to head to the awards...all excited.

Sarah Ulmer was to be the guest speaker.  I can still remember watching her race live and seeing her take the podium to win Gold at the Olympics....I still get a lump in throat even now when thinking of it.  She was just such a genuine down to earth person and so humbled by it all.  Plus she was awesome to listen to and the stories she told of what actually goes on back stage after you win an event of that calibre was eye opening to say the very least.

As the evening progressed and we munched on some lovely wines and terrific foods the time came for the Masters division to be awarded.  We had all been videoed a month earlier and I suddenly was so scared I would make a totally idiot of myself as I really couldn't remember what I had said to the questions and after listening to many of the other athletes speak, I realised I had missed out so much!  Turns out I had nothing to worry about and I came across as very "articulate" as told later in the evening.  The lady presenting the award on behalf of Printhouse opened the envelope and called out my name.
This is my award and the pamphlet in the back ground was on each table.

I was actually stunned...I honestly had not expected to win this.  Oh gosh everyone else had given a wee speech  what on earth was I going to say.  I stumbled out of my chair.....gathered my composure and carefully made my way up on to the stage.  I turned to face the crowd and my mind went BLANK......  I stood there for a moment and here is what I said.........." Wow....this is so cool! " ....small nervous laugh.....  well...I would like to thank my sponsors and my coach - as with out them backing me ... none of my amazing year would have happened.  But most of all I need to thank my husband.  For all his support and patience as he has been the one left at home while I travelled and was out walking the streets .....................................  and then I quickly left the stage.  Well the place erupted with laughter.   It was not until I got out the back that I realised what I had actually said/implied in my nervousness............. oh well it sure caused a giggle.  But what I didn't know (cause I was getting photos taken etc) was that the compare of the evening was so taken by what I had said that he had asked that the husband of such a stunning walker to stand up and get a round of applause.  Poor Shane, had to stand up and wait while everyone clapped and cheered.  Really sweet actually but did embarrass him a little.

It was a wonderful night and now I have an awesome award to put on my shelf!  How very cool to have won the Masters Sports Person of the Year.

Official photo of me with my award after the event.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome Nyle. Love your story. You rock!! Maree