Monday, December 19, 2011

5 x 2km at track

5 x 2km (3mins recovery between sets)

Sounds easy enough! Its NOT! Its daunting to say the least. These are the hard sessions that we all love to hate. But you feel so GREAT once its done.

I decided to mentally tackle this one in a different way. I just did 2km at a time....5 laps! and I would count them down as I went. It did seem to trick myself into thinking it was easier. I wore my nike shoes....I won these and never wore them - as they are so light they have NO support. But as my training shoes are starting to age and are no longer really any good, I dug these out. After 10km...they will get tucked away again. The insides of my ankles are aching from rolling inwards.

The walk its self went well. I think I fired out too fast for my first 2km but you are supposed to push on these so I will take it. Things did slow after this though. I was breathing pretty hard for the first half and then after that my legs were dying and my lungs were settling. Twice I wanted to quit and I had to tell myself off to keep at it.

I think coach will be ok with it. No pains anywhere while I walked so thats a good thing! My back was pretty sore before I started but it was more the muscle up the side of my back spasming than my disk. No feet pain now for over two weeks...just a funny nerve pain under my toes but that is lessoning.

splits are as follows:

5:20:2 + 5:19:6 = 10:39:8
5:19:7 + 5:28:6 = 10:48:3
5:27:3 + 5:30:8 = 10:58:1
5:27:9 + 5:33:6 = 11:01:5
5:26:2 + 5:31:2 = 10:57:4

all with 3mins rest between.

5 x 2km at track - Details

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