Thursday, December 29, 2011

10km fartlek in the rain

Nelson is under a heavy rain warning again. Its raining now but its meant to be torrential tomorrow. So it really left me no option but to do the 10km fartlek now. I was not sure how this would go as my legs and glutes were pretty fatigued and sore plus my right hamstring had knotted up again.

I didnt bother with a jacket, just put a long sleeve on. Once're wet. I walked around and unlocked the track and did a couple of laps to warm up. Then I just got into it. My first km I was feeling ok. My glutes were working but not hurting at this stage. I started in on the second fast section and felt that familiar sharp pain in my lower hamstring mid hamstring. It didnt ease up on the recovery 500 so I had to stop and stretch. By now I was soaked through, my shoes felt like big weights on my feet. I started up again, but each time I tried to power on the pain got worse and I just didnt have any power. I was working hard but yet my heart rate says I wasnt. I was breathing hard and coughing from the effort. I had to stop again at the 6km mark to stretch my right leg, but now my glute meds on both sides were burning and fatiguing. I thought to stop at the 8km mark as the pain in my hamstring was starting to get worse but I knew i had to get this workout done.

It was here that I suddenly realised what a whinging whinning snot I had turned into. Ok yes my leg hurt but I could still walk, yes it was wet but I was not cold and I was going to finish this walk if I had to drag my leg around behind me!

I was thinking that I had not done a very good job on this walk and feeling a little despondent I decided to check my data from past 10km fartleks and was surprised to see that I was only 8 secs of my fastest 10km fartlek.

1 - 5:14
2 - 2:58 + 2:39 = 5 :37
3 - 2:59 + 2:40 = 5:39
4 - 3:02 + 2:41 = 5:43
5 - 3:06 + 2:45 = 5:51
6 - 3:05 + 2:44 = 5:49
7 - 2:59 + 2:46 = 5:45
8 - 3:02 + 2:47 = 5:49
9 - 3:07 + 2:50 = 5:57 (Hamstring cramped)
10-3:04 + 2:47 = 5:51

total time 57:19

10km fartlek in the rain

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