Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5km fartlek

Physio this morning and it went really well. I have had no pain in my feet for over a week now...yay....and just one day with bad lower back pain. So it is improving....slowly. The only odd thing I have felt is an odd sensation on my right foot ...all my toes feel like they have cramped and turned under. When I walk it feels like the toes have curled under a little and its really annoying. Bex has advanced me on my pilate exercises and I am keen to get stuck into them and get things moving on my back.

Today I had a 5km fartlek and seeing as the last couple of weeks the track has been in use, I decided to go and do this around atawahi again. Not the fastest course as its a little up and down...very minimal and its got nice scenery to keep me interested. Before I even left the house I mentioned to my hubby that I was having some shocking tummy aches....pockets of air get caught up inside and twists etc....hurts like hell. Hmm not the greatest thing to have when you are about to go and push hard for a speed workout.

I drove down to the walkway and started out. I felt a little sluggish and my foot was really annoying me. I didnt feel I could get a good push off from my stride. But on a positive note...I had NO pain in my legs or ankle or back! GREAT STUFF!!! I pulled up for my first 500m recovery and was breathing hard and coughing. My watch beeped to say time to pick it up again and I did....I got about 200m into and I had a sharp pain hit me in my ribcage on the right side. Was it stitch? it didnt feel like a stitch as thats felt lower. I pushed through the pain and finished my fast 500m and used the next slow one to try and figure out what I was feeling. It eased off a little but as soon as I pushed on the next fast segment, it came straight back and it HURT LOTS. I couldnt even grip it in my hands as it right in under the rib cage. I figured it had to be all connected to the gassy pains I had earlier and just pushed through it.

One more fast segment to go and I was done....thank goodness! Even though it was only 5km today you tend (well I do) to push harder on the shorter distances and I was pretty much done for. The pain in my right side was slowly going and I managed to finish with out too much more discomfort.

I had hoped for a faster time and was a little disappointed at myself but I needed the longer recovery's due to the pain.

Total time = 27:51 avg heart rate 150 max heart rate 170

see data link below for splits.

5km fartlek

EDITED:  well after the walk, I sat down and chatted to my coach for about two hours......went to stand up and found I couldnt bend my knee...... physically couldnt lift the leg to bend the right knee.  oooooooohhhhhh no!!!  I had the womens activtor series to go to for mountain biking....thought I would be ok...but couldn't get on my bike well and the movement of the peddles really hurt as my knee bent.
Home with ice pack and now strapping.............grrrrrrr  all probably due to my foot/toes and my knee drifting during the walk.

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