Monday, December 05, 2011

15km out and back windy

I have not recovered from my 20km! I hurt.....not just sore muscles but actually hurt. It not a good omen when you are suffering awful stomach pains before you head out. For about 5km my ankle hurt...alot. In fact I was going to turn back at the 5km mark and just call it quits but by the time I made the 5km point it didnt seem to be hurting any more. I couldn't control the pain in my hamstring today and it hurt for most of the walk. In fact towards the end I was struggling to maintain a legal walk as I had trouble landing on a straight leg due to the pain in my hamstring.

I just couldn't get into my swing today. I was wearing the new hydration belt and it changed my posture until I adjusted to it. I know its ok for me to be slow on my longer walks but I still struggle accepting it. I feel like I am wasting my coaches time.

yes it was a little windy today.....but only for a few kms.....7km back to 11km then it is the slow up hill back to home.

Time 1:35:08 avg pace 6:21 avg heart rate 141

I know that I am just starting back into my training and that the rebuild stage will take a little time..but .....I am not known for my patience. I have 70km to walk this week, with a tough speed session tomorrow.........time to put the big girl panties on and just suck it up. I wont get faster by sitting in the corner and sucking on my thumb. I just wish I had a magic wand that can fix what ever is wrong with my back.

15km out and back monaco windy

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Tammy said...

so sorry it was so hard today...hang in a few weeks you will adjust but meanwhile I know it hurts :( - thinking of you!