Wednesday, December 28, 2011

15km (2 x 6min burst)

My left glute was really sore. In fact has been sore for a few days, I am not really sure what I have done to have caused it. I do know that driving really made it hurt and it was very sore again last night after my poor attempt at the track.

I was to do 2 x 6min burst of race pace. I managed a couple of attempts at kms 3 & 4 and again at 11km but the head wind on the way home made it pretty hard to get any speed going. It was hot again with high cloud. I was very thankful when the cloud cover finally rolled in towards the end of my walk. But it was still 25degs out there. We are on a heavy rain warning again for the next 4 days. UGH!

My glutes ached the whole time out. For a good part it was my left glute but after 10km my right one started to ache as it was reaching fatigue. It felt like the deep ache you get when having acupuncture.

Total time 1:32:10 avg pace 6:09 avg heart rate 142

15km (2 x 6min burst)

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