Friday, December 16, 2011

10km treadmill & video check

Due to the major flooding that has hit our region I have been unable to train out side.  Plus I had pulled my lower hamstring earlier in the week so was quite pleased for the added break.

I couldn't put off this work-out any longer so the only option was to use the treadmill.  While I was on the treadmill my hubby videoed me for my coach to see.  I was more nervous than ever as I know the treadmill can alter your style and I was worried Jim would find fault.  I am thrilled to say that he said I looked good.  Everything was in line and I looked strong.  yay!!!  high praise coming from him.

I had just set the treadmill to 10km (6 min/km) so the walk took me 1:00:08 with avg heart rate of 148

My shins hurt a lot for the first 3km and then settled in.  My hamstring niggled a little around the 4km mark but quickly settled.

Video was taken at 3 km mark

10km treadmil

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