Saturday, December 10, 2011

20km out and back monaco

What a fantastic walk!!!!

My friend Yvonne was going to come with me today and jog beside me. She had 17km on her program so the idea was that she would turn off near her place after 15km and carry on for her 17 and I continue home. I was worried I would be a little slow for her as last week I was only walking at 6:20 pace and had aimed to do the same again today.

I was a little worried that my slow 10km yesterday would leave me feeling a little tired but when I woke this morning I felt great. I decided to plan a little better for this walk. So I had a strong sweet cup of coffee about an hour before our walk. I got out my beeswax massage gel and gave my calf's and hamstring a really good massage. I filled up my water bottles and put recovery drink in one and water in the other.

Yvonne arrived at 9am and we started out. We headed up the walkway and out to Monaco. We were chatting away happily, not paying too much attention to our speed. Pretty much both of us figured if we can comfortably chat and not be puffing we were doing a nice easy pace. We were both really surprised to hit 5km in 29:55 it didnt feel like we were putting that much effort into it. We carried on as we were and hit the 10km mark in 1:00:54 and we stopped briefly to munch on a goo chew and to take a good drink. Again we both were feeling good. I didn't feel tired, my legs still felt strong and fresh. We came back still at the same one point both of us were chatting away so much we suddenly noticed we had sped up and we chuckled at that. Yvonne turned off at about the 15.5km mark and I carried on for home. I was pretty sure that once we parted my pace would drop but surprisingly it didnt and I stayed just as strong up to the 17km mark when it starts to head into the up hill section.

I had NO pain for the whole walk. I am convinced that by having Yvonne beside me and chatting that I was not worrying about my style .... and just letting my body walk as it should.

I finished my walk in 2:01:57 and I felt GREAT! avg heart rate 146

the good news is that Yvonne is keen to come with me each Saturday for my long walks. Yay.

20km out and back monaco

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Tammy said...

that is FANTASTIC! oh, you are so lucky to have a friend to walk with!