Saturday, December 24, 2011

24 km out an back monaco

I was so scared about this walk. I had decided to tackle this one later in the day ..seeing as hobart was going to be raced at 6pm I may as well get used to doing long distance at that time now. The day was getting hotter and hotter, at 4.00 I looked out and saw it was starting to cloud over to picked to go at then.

I started out along the track, keeping a easy pace. I got to the first km and realised I had left my glasses at home. Oh well at least I put a hat on. By the 5km mark the sun was beating down on me and I was very thankful to my water belt and hat. I stopped at 12km to take a bird bath under a tap and to have my gel. I was feeling pretty good, a few runners were out and so I followed a couple of them...then they slowly pulled away from me. At 16km I felt a sharp pull at my inside right knee....the base of my hamstring! I carried on but paid close attention to it. It just felt like a bruise after that. The good thing...NO hip pain ... and only a couple of twinges in the back of my hamstring.

20km came and went. I was starting to feel tired, my legs were like jelly and my glutes were really starting to hurt. Now it was only 4km to go. I was starting to feel it was getting tough, then I thought of tammy and erin....this was only their half way distance. So I got on with it and headed back up Beatson Road.

I hit the stop button and was very relieved that it was over. I felt I had picked a pace that I could comfortably do. I didnt feel I was pushing at any time. But my knee was VERY sore when I stopped and just walked normally. so home for a shower and some ice...but I will lay on the floor for a while rather than sit down.

Total time for the walk is 2:28:59 avg pace 6:12

24 km out an back monaco

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Tammy said...

oh, I SO wish I could train with you on the long ones..we'd be perfectly paced together and oh the chatting we'd do...why do you have to live half a world away?

hope you had a Merry Christmas!