Saturday, December 03, 2011

20km easy pace

I slept in this morning. I mean really slept in...until 10am!! but my back was aching lots and I was feeling very tired. The weather was meant to be showers on and off so I decided I would head out at lunch time. I had some breakfast and drunk some water.

I started off at an easy pace and got to 5km in 30.05 I was happy enough with that as I planned to do 10km in 62mins. I walked past the honest lawyer pub and there is a big water tank there with a tap. I had not taken any water with me today as I was expecting it to didnt!! it came our roasting hot and I was getting burnt badly. I had no hat, no sun glasses and NO water. I carried on to my 10km turn around as I was nearing the turn point I spotted a tap on the outside of the ten pin bowling building. It was all I could think about as I turned was getting back to that tap. I stopped and took a good drink and doused my self in water. The wind was picking up and it was a very hot and dry wind. It felt like it sapped your strength and dehydrated you as you went.

I was feeling very tired by now and started obsessing on the next water stop - 5km ahead of me. I had managed to hold my core strong for the 10km, having very little hamstring pains. It was good to know that I could control the odd pains in my legs but I was finding VERY tiring as I was not used to holding my core so firm for so long. (terrible really as it should just be part of the style) I reached the next water stop and stopped my watch. There is construction around it and so they have barricaded the tap and water tower off. I had to shimmy around the construction tape etc but I took on a really good drink here. Lots more than I normally would but I figured that I had slowed so much now that I was sure it wouldnt matter too much. 500m up the road and I end up with a blasted bug down my throat!!! go figure...I am sure the rotter had hold of the dangly in my throat as I was gagging and coughing to get it out. Sure enough........there am I bent over vomiting up the water I had just taken least that got rid of the bug!!! I thought of going back to drink but figured stuff it....4.5km from home just go!

It was a slow slog up Beatson Road and I could feel my hip flexor pulling, so I slowed down and figured that seeing as time didnt really matter too much today I was not going to worry about it.

I finished my 20km in 2:05:34 - avg pace of 6:17 perhaps a bit slower than my coach had hoped for but it was my first 20km out since the trial race and my legs were feeling like wet noodles!!! I am very very pleased that I didnt go across and walk the Marlborough Half. My coach was right with that one.

First thing I did once I had stretched and showered................I went and brought an Nathan Hydration Belt!!! so now I will have water with me. I was lucky my friend had this brand and loaned it to me awhile ago to try. I loved the Nathan brand as it didnt ride up off your hips and the bottle holders are molded so makes it very easy to access. Plus I have a pouch for my phone and some gels!!!

20km easy pace

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