Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15km out an back monaco

I decided to do this later in the day. We had some shopping to do earlier and I really wanted to eat some lunch. But by the time it came to head out I was feeling very tired and listless. I really didnt want to go out.

So I munched on the last of my Sports Beans and then just got started.

Easy pace and forget about the time!!! By 5km I was feeling pretty flat. I wasnt breathing hard so I figured I must be taking it fairly easy and was surprised to see I was under 30mins for 5km. I carried on to the 7.5km mark where I stopped briefly to eat some more sports beans and to stretch out my hamstring. My right hamstring was aching a little.

I came up Beatson Road and had to pick my path carefully...all the mud from the slips has set into lumps and bumps so it was not nice for walking on.

I zipped along the last km on the walkway and was pleased to have made it home. The walk itself turned out to be an ok time, I was just very tired and very flat. Not looking forward to the 10km kick down tomorrow. Will have to ride my bike to work again so will have to bike out to the track. I guess that will warm my legs up before I get there.

1:32:07 avg pace 6:09 avg heart rate 145

15km out an back monaco - Details

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