Friday, December 23, 2011

5km fartlek atawahi

Coach asked if I could do a 5km fartlek today. I really didnt want to as I felt I needed the day to lax and get my head into the 24km tomorrow. But as I had missed a speed work out I knew he would not have asked if I didnt need to to do it.

As I had planned most of today I had to figure out when I could fit it in. The track is used in the afternoon and evenings so I opted to head out to the Atahwai Walkway.

My hip flexors felt tight as I started out and I was worried if I was going to pull them and be really sore for tomorrow. I didnt feel that I was very fast at all, in fact the opposite.

I made it through the whole work out and made sure I pushed for each 500m.

1 - 2:36 + 2:42 = 5:19
2 - 3:00 + 2.35 = 5:36
3 - 2:55 + 2:35 = 5:30
4 - 2:58 + 2:32 = 5:30
5 - 3:02 + 2:35 = 5:37

total time 27:33

5km fartlek atawahi

Now to rest up for the 24km tomorrow. Probably head out and do that later in the day as we have planned some shopping at the Saturday Flea Market....last min Xmas shopping :)

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