Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 x 2km at track - Fail!

Of all my workouts ... this one I find to be the hardest. It intimidates me so badly.

I was meant to do this workout yesterday, but we were over in Blenheim seeing family for Christmas. We knew we would be home later in the day and I have every intention of doing this once we got home. But we ended up staying much longer and doing many little odd jobs around the family house. I was also driving and had found that my left glute Med was REALLY sore while sitting for that long. I was also very naughty and eat a whole box of White chocolate scorched almonds...........yep a WHOLE box.......

So I knew I had to do this walk today. It is a really hot hot day again so I figured that if I went at 4pm it might cool down and that rain we are expecting will come. It didn't, I was falling asleep in the lounge during the afternoon and realised that I needed to wake up so I could go and walk. I was so tired, really drained tried. I guess all the driving over the last two days and late nights and BAD eating......had caught up with me. I met up with Sharon and Raylene at the track. While there lots of the kids who will be entering Collgate Games turned up to practice so it was a very busy wee field.

I started out and after the first km knew I was going to really struggle and sure enough, I just got slower and slower and slower. Many times I thought to just quit. I felt I was wasting my coaches time doing this workout so slowly. I know he was expecting me to push and try to do these 2km segments quickly. I was trying to ...but I had NOTHING ... my legs were dead. I was not breathing hard and my heart rate was relatively low .... this just made me even more despondent....WHY was I feeling so slow. I could only put it down to poor eating in the last couple of days.

I wont put the km splits up....they can be seen in the link below if you are curious. I had 2 minute rests between each set. But the whole work out was ugly the only positive thing I can say is that I finished it and my body held together.

5 x 2km at track

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