Friday, December 02, 2011

10km @ 85% - monaco course

I had a good session with Bec's this morning and have some new exercises to try out. We call it the nerve

I had a 10km at 85% today. So pretty much do the 1okm at my old training pace. I was feeling pretty good today, my legs felt nice and fresh.

I started off feeling good and strong and managed to do one of my fastest first km's along the track. Hmm perhaps a little more than 85% for that one, so I pulled up a little on the downhill and settled into what felt like 85%. I was not puffing or gasping but I could feel I was breathing a little harder than normal.

At about 4km I felt some sharp pains in my right hamstring s0 I took check of my style. I pulled up my torso and tighten up my abs/core and quickly the pain subsided. Each time the pains would start back I would notice that I had relaxed my core again. I turned at 5km in 28:34 and started for home. I knew that from the 7km mark it became up hill and so I tried to push harder when I neared the 7km mark. I think I managed by fastest 7 - 8km split and that was helped by people driving by tooting and cheering from their cars. It was really awesome.

I got home and stretched and then went through my exercises and did my nerve floss last of all. As I type this up I can feel the burning sensation coming on in my right foot so will do a few McKenzie stretchs and see if I can stop it.

total time for today is 58:39 avg pace = 5:52 and avg heart rate 152 - which shows that I was not pushing hard, so I think I actually nailed that walk.

I must admit to being a little nervous about doing my first 20km tomorrow. I am thinking I might aim for a slower than normal time for my first time out....2:05-2:08 sounds good to me.

10km @ 85% - monaco course

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Tammy said...

good job - I like how when you corrected your technique you felt better :). You will do well on the 20K just remember to relax and TAKE IT EASY!!!!!!! Slow is GOOD!