Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15km out and back monaco

I was feeling good today. Legs were a little tired from the fartlek and then aqua jogging that night. Its a gorgeous day, hot and sunny with a gentle breeze. Temp was about 18degs ..just perfect. I set out from home and the plan was to not look at my watch and to just pick an easy pace and cruise with it. I had a general aim of 1:33 for the whole walk.

At about the 6km mark I started getting really sharp pains in my right hamstring. But each time I would slow down or ease up, it would hurt more. So I would concentrate hard on tucking butt and pushing with my I would increase speed but pain would stop. I would then get tingles up and down my right leg for the rest of the walk. Enough to really annoy me. (now the walk is over my feet have flared up again so will do my stretches and hope that stops it)

On the way home, just past the 10km mark I bumped into an old friend so we stopped and had a quick chat - so I took the time to stretch while I chatted. Then we parted ways and I headed on for home.

time 1:31:42 a little quicker than I had planned but my heart rate shows I was not pushing hard so I think my coach will be happy with that.

Am starting to wonder what is really going on with my sciatic nerve. The pain in my feet and in my back comes and goes randomly and it starts to wear you down somewhat. I religiously do my exercises and stretches and try hard to sit correctly all the time...anyhow....small rant....I am sure it will come right soon enough.

Link to my data:
15km out and back monaco

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