Sunday, November 27, 2011

15km out an back monaco

Well after a shocking weekend......due to overindulging at my work Xmas function. Saturdays training did not happen, in fact nothing happened all day! To top it all off it also triggered a migraine. As I knew I had to do 15km I had little choice but to do it today.

The good thing was the wind has stopped so it was a calmer day today.

I felt better today than I did two days ago. I went out at an easy pace, I suffered terrible stitch for the first 3km but it settled down and I was able to continue on. My headache was kept at bay by some good strong anti flams and pain relief. I turned at the 7.5km and discovered that there was a slight breeze for the home stretch. So taking advice from my coach I remained at the same effort and didnt worry that I had slowed a little.

I felt much stronger today but I have noticed that I have lost a little of my endurance fitness. It wont take long to come back and its just a matter of ticking away at the kms.

Total time 1:31:54

15km out an back monaco

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