Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10km out an back monaco

Nice hot sunny day but with a good stiff breeze (35km) I had lots on today so didnt get a chance to head out until 5pm. This walk was to test out how my hip flexor feels at a longer distance. I was to stick to a comfortable pace and if I felt any sharp pains to stop.

I headed off out up the track and felt good. My legs were stiff and sore but still felt strong. My breathing is getting better and I was not gasping for breath today.

Coming back up Beatson Road I could feel my abductor pulling but so far my hip flexor had felt fine during the walk. I stretched out at the top of the track for the last km home and again could feel aching in my abductor. So will get Bec's to check it out in the morning.

Total time for 10km is 59:05 with an avg hr 161

10km out an back monaco

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