Sunday, November 13, 2011

6km along monaco

My first walk after two weeks off. I decided it was easier to fit it in before I met up with everyone at the track for the coaching session. I got to the track at 9:15am to find that there was an event on and we would not be able to use the track...hmmmm well car park will work.

I stashed my key into my cool little pouch I brought in USA and away I went. First shins I had forgotten how that felt. It didnt last long thank goodness and I picked up the pace a little. My legs felt ok but oh my goodness..............I was huffing like a train!! At the 3km mark I stopped briefly to take my long sleeve off. It is a gorgeous day and was already really hot. On the way back I bumped into Ross and Sue and I stopped quickly to ask how his leg was etc and then I carried on again. As I came up to the 4 km mark I started feeling my right hip flexor again.....simular pain as I had at Long distance Walks. It was not as sharp or intense but never the less I could feel pain. As I pushed for more pace it hurt more so I eased up and just settled for the last km. As I entered back into Saxton Field a couple of my girls drove past me heading to our spot, so I had timed it perfectly. I must admit to being a little concerned about my hip flexor and am now wondering if I did hurt it more than I thought. I will call the physio and get it looked at in a day or two.

I am pondering walking the 5km Honest lawyer tomorrow night. I am hoping to walk it with Shane so will still do my fartlek training too.

all up 34:21 for 6km avg pace 5:43 ............but with a shocking avg hr of 167 (max was 179???)

then when I got home a couple of hours later after doing drills and coaching my group I suggested hubby and I go on a bike ride so we rode 27km in pretty much 2hours. Really enjoyed the bike ride, it was nice and easy............but I DONT like the seats!! lol

6km along monaco

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