Monday, November 14, 2011

8km (5km race + 3km after)

I was unsure of doing this.....just the 8km was a little daunting with how my hip flexor was feeling. But I really wanted to go and do the new 5km series and so was going to carry on and finish with 3km.

At the Honest Lawyer event, we get a number to wear. It costs $5 to enter but you redeem your number after the race for a beer or wine so that evens it out good. :) there is a different crowd at this event...not so many of the elite come to this one and so there are more general athletes. I think it makes it fairer to everyone and so will also not go each it gives other walkers the chance to win too.

It was perfect conditions tonight....with little wind, just a light breeze. I was worried about how my hip would hold up and was also curious to see how high I could get my heart rate this time round. After a two week rest it can take a few weeks to settle the heart again. I hit 183 tonight as my max....WOW!! lol

I started off and felt good but by the end of the first km I was breathing hard and I could feel my hip flexor. So I eased up a little and kept up a steady pace. I had a wee runner at my heels and I expected him to pass me but he just stayed about a metre behind me. At the 2.5km turn he had dropped off a little and I recognized him to be Wendy's son. He is doing great for his age and I was really expecting him to zip past me in the last km.

I pushed hard not far past the 3km mark I could feel my hip more and more. I lost a little time as I squelched over the mudflats (about 100m of sand as the tide was out) I then tried to pick up the pace again but again my hip was hurting and I was breathing hard again.

I finished the race in 27:35 ( on my watch it was short ... I got I stopped my watch long enough to take my race number off and then I set off out along the walkway to complete my 3km. I slowed the pace down and worked hard on my technique. My hip pain didnt get any worse....but it didnt get any better either. Lucky I have booked in for physio first thing in the morning.

total time for 8km was 46:14

I have one more week to decide if I will enter the Marlb Half..........with my hip flexor the way it is at the moment, I think it would be stupid to do. I cant risk a long term injury with the Hobart race looming.

8km (5km race + 3km after)

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