Friday, November 11, 2011

Cairns and a much needed break

Where have I been for the last few weeks?  NOT training that’s for sure.

My coach has kindly given me two weeks rest and I am loving it.  For the first week I flew to Cairns to spend time with my girls and my grandkids.  I got to met Max for the first time.  Dang he is cute.  Sadly while I was there Max got sick.  He started vomiting after every feed.  Teagan took him to the dr and they sent him off to be scanned for suspected pyloric stenosis.  (which basically means no food can pass through his stomach)  But I don’t think the Dr Thought it would take 6 days til we could get the scan and so didn’t really tell us how dangerous it was for max to go so long without feeding properly.  Infact by telling us he was just a happy chucker really didn’t help.  I remember teagan asking on Saturday if we should take him to the Hospital…….we all looked at him laying in her arms gurgling happily and decided that he seemed happy enough.  How wrong we were……..So I flew out on Monday and Tuesday they scanned wee Max.  As soon as it was done they were sent direct to the Dr and it was pretty much confirmed that it was pyloric stenosis and then she sent them direct to the hospital.  Poor wee Max was put on IV fluids and was not to fed at all.  I can only imagine how hard this must have been on Teagan and Josh.  But they stood together and found amazing strength.  After two more tests/scans as the info had to be sent to surgeons in Townsville - Max and Teagan were flown to Townsville for surgery on Thursday and I am told that he came through like a trouper and has just to wait a few more hours until they can feed him.  It will be such a relief to Teagan and Josh to be able to feed him and have him not react in pain or be sick. 

I adored my time over there.  Katie-May has grown up so much and is such a delight to be a round.  We had such a fun day on her birthday as we painted up the little wooden doll’s house she was given.  Josh still has to put it together yet.  Max was just adorable and loved to be cuddled….whats a Nana to do……… cuddle him I did!!  It was incredibly hard to leave them all but I know that next time I come back the kids will be that little bit older and will still know who I am.  Thank god for skype.

My two adorable grand children!  

So now that I am back in NZ I have just one more week off.  I have enjoyed the rest, gained a little weight back (which I needed too) I have been doing glute strength exercise’s every day and now Psoas strengthen too.

I also got back to find that I had been selected as a finalist for the Tasman Sports Person Of the Year awards.  I am really rapt about that one.  So now  to settle back down, find a full time job, dive into training and be HAPPY!

This one is of Nana, Katie-May and Aunty Kik's

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malvs2walk said...

your grandchildren are beautiful! So happy to hear that Max is ok after his surgery.