Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5km fartlek

I was not really feeling in the mood for this today. My head was still splitting and I had taken way too much medication. But I knew that after having extra days off this week that I had to do this workout. I drove out to the track and stopped in to purchase the ticket for Sports Person of the Year dinner next week. Then as I drove around to the track I noticed that there were alot of cars parked out in the carpark, plus about 4 buses. I got of the car and walked over and saw school kids galour....GREAT...school sports day so no track for me.

My first thought was oh stuff it .... then the instant guilt set in so I decided the next best spot was my old 5km course out at Atawhai....it is the flattest spot I could think of.

My first km was a bit of a slog....I didn't warm up .... I just got straight into it. I felt a little stiff at first. My back had been hurting on and off during the day and I was very aware of my calf being tight and hurting as I was walking. Apart from that the walk was going well until about 3km mark when I started to suffer some GI pain and issues. My last km was very uncomfortable but I was pleased to see it done.

total time for 5km was 27:34

1st km = 5:16
2nd km = 2:58 + 2:33 = 5:31
3rd km = 2:55 + 2:35 = 5:30
4th km = 2:58 + 2:35 = 5:33
5th km = 3:03 + 2:36 = 5:39

5km fartlek

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