Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12km with racepace bursts

This was meant to be 15km and I set out with every intention of it being so.

I set off up the track in a good pace. I was feeling great. Good and strong and my style felt good and everything was feeling easy. I had decided to take a gel before I left. I had a Berry flavour Peak Fuel and was curious to see how this sat in my tummy. I was making good time and from 3km on I picked up the pace to add in my 8min of race pace and I also decided to these back to back. Everything was going great until 100m from the 5km point.

I was gripped with sudden GI pains.....BAD GI pains..........and then just as instant .... I needed the toilet...NOW!! so the split second decision was made to make a detor and head up to the monaco domain, I had to make 500m to make the toilet. .... and here my story stops.

Needless to say I returned home in a much slower time, with my old GI pains back for the return walk. Its been a few months since I have had my old tummy problems so I wont whine too much about it.


12km with racepace bursts

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