Friday, February 03, 2012

12 km Fartlek

The blog has been a little quiet this week. I did do a 15km out and back on Weds. Nothing exciting to report.

Today I had a 12km fartlek and I was very apprehensive about doing this one. After an incident on Tuesday at the track I was nervous to push my self again, but my coach had told me that it was ok to stop and start again and so I just decided that I would do just that if I needed too.

I started out and I felt really good and strong. It was nice to have a rest day before a speed session. It wasn't planned but my mum was over from Blenheim and I really wanted to see her, so I bumped my speed session a day. My first km was a good speed and then my recovery 500m felt quite slow but the time said it wasn't. 2:52!! and it carried on like this for a wee while.

I did stop at 4km, 6km and 10km. I needed to drink and also to gather myself. But I didn't stop for too long. I went through 5km in 27:08 and 10km in 54.58 (huge pb) and finished up the whole walk in 1:06:01

I would have to say this is probably my strongest walk yet.

data below

12 km Fartlek

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Nyle! It is good to see you doing so well. I want to wish you well for your trip to Hobart. I'm heading up to Tauranga tomorrow and I'm not sure if I will get to a PC again before you leave. Have a great race and a fantastic time in the NZ team!