Thursday, February 16, 2012

800 + 200 x 7

I felt awful this morning. I have had a flemmy throat for two days and just felt crumby. But I knew that this walk had to be done.

I had planned to take a little easier than last week as I really didnt want to end up with a runny nose as well.

I started out and felt ok, I was breathing pretty hard and having to swallow thick crud. I had company at the track today. A runner came down and was doing 3km, 2km and 1km...well thats what it looked like. When he was on a lap recovering I was able to catch him and pass him and he would laugh and say he has never yet been passed by a walker. Lol

About 4km I was having great trouble with my breathing...only due to my throat being so fully of crud and my lungs were feeling thick. I started coughing as I was walking but I carried on and continued my walk. My legs never felt tired and I was happy enough with how things went.

4.08.1+1.00.5= 5.08.6
4.07.3+1.00.5= 5.07.8
4.07.9+0.59.5= 5.07.4
4.13.5+1.01.8= 5.15.3
4.16.6+1.01.6= 5.18.2
4.16.9+1.00.9= 5.17.8
4.16.6+0.59.0= 5.15.6

800 + 200 x 7

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