Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 km out an back atawhai

Tonight it was a 10km walk. I had just received my NZ uniform and I was going to test out my shorts. These are the shortest shorts I have ever tried to wear. So I put my skins on under them and tried to get used of them. Well a dual layer of material was NOT comfortable! Tomorrow I will try them out with just the shorts and see how badly my legs rub.

Plus it was a test of my hip. It was just a spasm of the muscle but it still hurt and annoyed me. I had no idea of what pace I was to walk tonight, but I felt pretty good and just thought I would wing it and walk to how my hip felt.

I had a couple of sharp twinges but nothing major or lasting. Most twinges were able to be sorted with a posture shift. I felt good and strong and looking back through my data I sort of did a kick down.

total time 58.14

10 km out an back atawhai

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