Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

I got up early and went to the track to do this before my group of walkers arrived for drills and training. I am NOT a morning person, so I hated being out there at 8.30 am.

My right glute was still sore this morning plus my whole body was aching abit after the entire day of scrubbing ceilings! My poor shoulder and back are both telling me they had done enough. I started out and just picked a pace that I was happy with. I was not pushing hard just tinkering along. I was not particularly worried about my times for today, I just wanted to get this done.

I stayed fairly consistent and strong for most of this walk. Pace dropped off a little towards the end as my glutes started to fatigue and I had little left in them.

so here are my two km splits.


I am happy with that.

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

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Tammy said...

very good, very strong and very consistent! Yay!!!!!!!! That is a HARD one!