Tuesday, February 14, 2012

16km out and back

After getting up and down, up and down repeatedly yesterday while painting the wee thin stripe around our house....my hamstrings were very sore and tight!! Plus with having 16km to walk today...it was going to be a painful walk. But as luck would have it...not so bad in the end.

I filled up my drink bottles and headed off up the track. I was ticking along nicely and enjoying the day. Overcast and 20degs...nice. I had my long sleeve top on as it was meant to rain but I had to take it off half way through the walk. At 8km I stopped briefly to take my top off and tie around my waist and to stretch my hammy out. Then it was pick up the pace again and head for home. By 13km ...even though I felt fine and still felt I had plenty in my legs, my tank ran dry and I suddenly felt very heavy and my times slowed up. I was on the up hill part anyway but I just dragged my self up the next two km. The lack of food and lack of enough water took its toll. Nothing major, no injury or anything like that. I just went heavy and slowed up.

Picked up the pace alot on the last km - downhill to home. Total time for 16km was 1.37.34

Plus today is Valentines Day here in NZ and its also our 9th Wedding Anniversary too.

16km out and back

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