Friday, January 31, 2014

5000m Fartlek on the track

I so want to do well in this work out.  My stomach has been bloated and painful all day....but I am trying to put that to the back of my mind.

I love getting to the track and having the other walkers there.  Even if they dont do my workout its still nice to have others around me.

I warmed up and then headed over to the 5km start mark.  I didnt feel very fast at all and was struggling to get into a smooth style.  I am still getting used to this wider foot placement.   So I was pleasantly surprised to see my first km was 5:31

I slowed for my recovery but let myself slow a touch too much and so made it harder to pick up for my fast 500m's and this pattern continued for the rest of the walk.  While I felt strong enough my style is still not flowing as well as I would like.

While I didnt think I had shown much improvement in this walk, my coach Jim pointed out that I had improved with my heart rate being lower than last weeks and my fast 500's were all faster than last weeks to.  I was faster over all by about 12 secs ... be nice if it improves by that much each week :)

Total time for the 5000m was 29:23

5km fartlek data here

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