Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stomach troubles ..... AGAIN

My stomach has stopped me in my tracks..AGAIN.  This time the pain is on the right side.  After 4 days I decided to go to the dr.  I was sent for an ultra sound and they were pretty sure it was my gall bladder.  It was inflamed but the tech thought that was more from my bowel as she could see in the ultra sound that I was very...errr...FULL.  But oddly my left side was totally empty.

doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this part out.  Full one side.....empty the other.....been 5 days....DAHHHH do ya think there is possibly a blockage in there.

Back to the dr on Thursday for the results.  Gee, did you know you have a mega colon???  these things cause all sorts of troubles for people.................  wow no shit sherlock!!!!!  So he says....I think we need to hit this from above.  Take this laxative, its a liquid that tastes like maple pulls water to the bowel and will get you going in no time.  I want you to take 3 times the 30m 3 x  a day or even 4 and continue until you go. .................... ummm my long will this take as its pretty sore hey and I cant train at the moment.   ........  Oh 2 days and you will be fine.

So on SATURDAY 3 days later.....I take action and try the salt water flush.  I drank 1 litre of warm salty water (2 tsp of natural sea salt)  .....  and I waited.....and I waited and I gave up waiting.  I hadnt worked.   I am the 1% that absorb the salt due to mineral deficiency..AWESOME.  So that night I went and tried to race walk on the treadmill and did a nice easy 3km.  As it didnt hurt so bad I decided I would do the 3000m race in the morning and then see if that helps.

I did the race ... yes it hurt in the last two I slowed down and had to watch paul pass me...sob!!!  I finished in 17:07 .. an ok time for all that has happened and for not eating in two days.  I got home and hit the litre of sea salt again....this time with 3tsp of salt.  Fingers crossed .... or its back to the dr to jump up and down...... 9 days since I have been and its starting to get REALLY uncomfortable.


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