Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5km on the treadmill

This is my first attempt at walking since getting out of hospital.  I was nervous....not because I have not walked but more the bigger question of....can I trust my self to be away from a toilet.  

While treadmill is not the ideal for training, it is the better than nothing option.  Plus I figured that if the "urge" hits me.  I can at least stop and scuttle away to a toilet close on hand.

I flicked on my music and started the treadmill.  I felt really good, nice and smooth and the best news was that NOTHING hurt at hamstring, no hip, no glute and best.....NO TUMMY.

So I ticked away on the treadmill with it set to about 6:20 per km and then each km I picked it up ... looking back I actually did a mini kickdown....................can that be my speed session for the week coach???  :)

I was really pleased with this walk.  I felt nice and strong and smooth.

total time was 30:47 - still waiting to hear about my watch so no heart rate data.

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