Thursday, January 23, 2014

5km Fartlek in the POURING RAIN

I was not looking forward to this walk.  Fartleks are tough but even more so when you are trying to change your technique and you feel like your entire insides have been through a wringer.  It also didnt help when we were issued with a Thunderstorm Warning with heavy rain expected.  Oh Happy Joy!!!!

The more I sat and grumbled at the rain the more I reminded myself of that person who used to train in the rain and the frost all the time and that would say to people....You wont melt and training in it gives you the edge over those who dont!   Dang that person was right so I headed to the track to met up with the other walkers.

I had a quick warm up of just a couple of laps....I know ... naughty! but it was really unpleasant and I just wanted to get started.   My first fast km just really didnt feel fast.  I was struggling to get my feet right and was trying hard to get my hips to move more today.  I am desperate to figure out how to roll off my toes more ... I am sure it will come.

My slow recovery's were slow.  I needed them to be as I was finding it hard going.  Soaking feet get heavy and its tough going trying to drag yourself around a track that has puddles forming everywhere.  I loved watching the juniors out there doing 200m sprints in the rain.  They have improved so much.

My wee buzz moment of the day was on my last fast 500m ... Sally Pearson had been doing sprints along side us in the home straight and she was finishing up.  She gave me a cheer and called out "well done" as I went past.  Made my day that she had noticed me.

1st km - 5:34
2nd km - 3.10 + 2.52 = 6.02
3rd km - 3.10 + 2.53 = 6.03
4th km - 3.07 + 2.52 = 6.00
5th km -  3.04 + 2.46 = 5.50
Total time 29:35

Drowned RAT!!!

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