Sunday, January 19, 2014

8km along the walkway

I was VERY nervous about this walk.  In the last week my poor insides have been turned inside out and put through the wringer.   And now I have gone from one extreme to another.

I started out along the walk way and decided to just let my body pick the pace and I was expecting it to be slow.  But surprisingly is was an ok pace and I was happy to walk at this - the question was can I keep it up for 8km.  The Sunday markets were on so it made for slow going for 400m as I picked my way around people or went on the grass.  I stopped briefly at 2.2km to drink and then carried on up the road.

I was feeling ok.  Weak but no stomach pains or hamstring pain.  I again stopped at 4km to have a stretch.  My lower back was aching alittle, nothing major but it was a little annoying.   I headed back and as I was passing the surf club I decided to stop for a loo stop.   There was no urgency but I am a touch paranoid.  

I started to feel tired at 6km and slowed a little.  Concentrated on form and then tried to pick up the pace for the last km home.

I must say it is so good to have my watch back and to show the same measurements too.

8km in 49:53 - avg pace was 6.14 avg hr 159

8km data

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