Saturday, January 25, 2014

12 km along the walkway

Boy was I nervous about this one.

My stomach has still not settled and I really am afraid to go too far away from a toilet at present.  Especially in the mornings.   I over slept for starters as I had planned on heading out at 7.30am ... so at 9.30am I dragged my self out of bed and into my training gear.  Looked out the window and wouldnt you know it....its raining.  DAMN it.  Twice in one week....I hate wet feet.  Worse - I have a race tomorrow and really dont want to start it in wet shoes.

Ok enough of the whining.......Lauren gave me a good bit of advice and reminded me that I wont melt or die from getting wet... so out I went.

Turns out, it was really nice.  It didnt rain hard...just a steady drizzle and that was actually really nice.  I didnt get too hot nor too wet.  I opted to go back and forth on the walkway - its flat and I go past rest rooms etc.  The walk itself was ok.  I was not fast but I wasnt trying to be.  About 8km I was getting tired and my TFL and the very top of my hamstring started to grumble.  I have been trying hard to keep a wider foot placement and I just think all the muscles got tired.  I slowed a little and concentrated hard on where I was putting my right foot.

The drizzle had stopped and it was getting VERY muggy.  I was glad I only had 3 km to go.  I turned back for the last time on the walkway and headed for home.

Total time 1:15:58  AVG 6:20 per km - not as fast I would have liked but I am ok with that.

An hour after the walk and I am very sore in my upper right glute and hip - My TFL has decided to let me know that it is unhappy.  So we have got some DVD's to watch and I plan to Ice and stretch.

12 km data

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