Sunday, January 12, 2014

3000m Masters Club Walk

I have not trained in a week due to stomach issues.  But I thought that doing the walk might actually help.

I really enjoy the Masters Meets.  They are so well organised and everyone is super friendly and helpful.

It was nice and cool when we arrived and started warming up.  We had a good turn out of walkers today and we all had a great catch up.  Lining up, it was starting to warm up and we were all keen to just get going.

Gun goes off and we are away, I pull out and pass Paul...I want to try and stick to a consistent pace today.   As I have not eaten in a couple of days I was not sure how much energy I would have or how long I could keep the pace up.

I was pleased that I was not too breathless and that my hamstring was holding up ok.  But my stomach was starting to cramp up again.  By the 6th lap I felt like I had been shot in the side and I had to slow and grab my stomach.  I almost stopped but thought its just one more lap I can make it.  At this point Paul spots his chance and goes for it.  There was no way I could push harder and keep up with him.  I had to slow and leg him go.

I crossed the line in 17:07 and I am very happy with that.  I was doubled up on the sideline after the race waiting for the cramps to pass.   That was a tad embarrassing.

3000m race data

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