Sunday, January 26, 2014

3000m Masters Track Race

I am sore.  Like REALLY sore.  By back is tight and stiff.  My tfl is grumbly and my tummy is just in knots STILL!!!!

Still I through on the training gear and head out to the track.  Guess what..............its bloody raining!!

I arrive at the track and the rain has settled into a drizzle.  Going to get wet again.  I started to warm up and knew instantly that this was only going to be a training walk.  My stride felt short and my hips had no movement in them and my back was aching.  Well at least I was not going to over heat today.

Not so many of us today and I was kinda thankful for that.  I was in no shape to take chase today.  Once we got going I did start to feel a little better but by 2km I was feeling done.  My legs were heavy and I was struggling with movement.  I even had a couple of people mention that I looked like I was struggling and had shortened my stride.

I was very pleased when the bell rang and I had just one lap to go.  My stomach went into spasms a few times during the walk but nothing to major.  Total time was 17:42   - very slow but its done.

I then stayed back to help be a time keeper for the sprints.  I really enjoyed that :)

3000m data

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