Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8km Track - change of style

Its another scorcher day - with my car display telling me it was 35 degs as I left work and 32 as I pulled up to the track.  Add the 75% humidity to that and get the idea.

Today I was to try to change my style.  I was to place my right foot wider.....all this time I have been walking in line as all the books say thats how its done.  So it felt VERY weird to be trying to walk with just my right foot spaced out.  The reason for this is to stop my knee rotating inward and dragging my hip with it.

I plugged my walk man on and started out.  This felt really odd.  I was slow and feeling very clunky.  But I persevered and kept telling myself that my pace didnt matter.....the foot placement did.  Once I felt I had the foot thing down pact I then started on the tucking the butt under more.  At 2km I had to stop and get a drink and zip to the toilet.  My stomach is playing up again and gone back to its blocked up state.   Once I felt I could carry on I started up again.

By 5km the heat and humidity was really making it tough on me.  It was awesome having the juniors and Denise out walking tonight so it gave me something to watch and some people to see as they passed me or I them.  I carried on and just kept one foot in front of the other.....trying hard not to get to discouraged.

Once I had stopped I asked Catriona if she would take a quick video so Jim could check me out.  

Jim tells me that he see's improvement and better hip movement ... so I will take that.  I will try to get some more video in a week once I am used to the foot placement.

overal time for the 8km was 50:12

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