Sunday, January 05, 2014

5 km recovery walk

I woke up feeling good today.  Nothing hurt - which I am VERY pleased about.

Its my last day of the holidays and then back to work tomorrow...sigh.  Back to early morning or late evening training.  I decided to head out in the afternoon and about 3pm figured best go now.

Its warm but about the same as it was last night - 30 degs.  I walked down to the walk way and as I was using my old Garmin 305 I had decided that regardless of what it read I was going to turn back at my usual 2.5 km mark.  Its the same spot everytime by my other watch.  I started out and while I was feeling good, my legs just didnt want to turn over.  But thats ok, must be drained from last nights race.

I turned at what I knew to be my usual 2.5km mark and headed back.  I get a tad annoyed at people on the walkway.  They are like sheep......mill all over the place.  Even when they look you in the eye and see you coming at them they continue along 4 abreast and expect you to go onto the grass to avoid them.  I no longer do that and have often brushed shoulders with more stubborn.  Any how it was busy today and I was dodging all over the walk way weaving from one group to the next.....another running was doing they same and muttered away under his breath as he passed a group.  I felt a bit better on the way back and spent my time concentrating on my style.  I stopped my watch and was surprised to see it was 100m short.  Well one of the watches are reading wrong.  I will stick with the new far it seems the more accurate.  So my time for my 5km today was 31:16 and I am happy enough with that.

5 km walkway

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