Monday, August 05, 2013

5km recovery walk

I wanted to test out the gps again.  So I decided to record my 5km in two parts.

1st x 2.5km was done with the GPS setting - SMART recording on.  I walked along the walkway and out onto Hedges Ave until I got to 2.5km.  I wish I could remember where my other watch measured it to.  But I do think it was the corner I got to.

Time - 15:07

2.5km smart recording

I then turned and headed back along the walkway.  I had changed the settings on the GPs to record every second.   Every now and then I would check my pace and it seemed to be recording ok......I had the odd strange reading.... but nothing to odd.  I felt a little faster on the return and turns out I was 15 secs quicker.

 Time - 14:43

2.5km with record every second

I felt really good on this walk.  Legs were not sore or heavy.  Total time for the 5km was 29:50  avg heartrate was 144 which shows I was nice and relaxed.

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